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"Alex Hennig is the consummate professional. She is easy to work with, reliable and seems to read our minds. And she’s talented. The AinslieWear  brand image has definitely been supported by Alex’s elegant brochures, web and advertising designs. We’re so lucky to have such a great gal to work with."

Terri Margo,

AinslieWear Design Ltd.


"Her designs have given [our publications] wings and impact far beyond what the words alone could have achieved. I have been very impressed..."

Sir John Daniel, President and CEO,

Commonwealth of Learning


"I have worked with dozens of designers over the years, and Alex stands out. She takes time to understand what is being communicated. This is reflected in elegant design that supports communications objectives. In addition to being very talented, Alex is responsive and flexible. Her skills span a broad spectrum. She consistently exceeds expectations."

Karen Speirs, Writer





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